We believe that the common values, the common concept and pursuit bring us together. You will work with us in the future work and life in mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust, and mutual help. Let’s work together to create a better future for the company.

personnel policy

1. People-oriented:

CL ROCK is a professional manufacturer of colored sands applied in waterproof building materials. Talent is the company's most important wealth, we always adhere to the "people-oriented" to create a "happy work, happy life" cultural atmosphere.

2. Employing principles:
The talents we seek should have open mind, honesty and integrity, rich business knowledge, strong sense of innovation, good communication skills and team spirit.。

3.Salary and Benefits:
In order to adapt to the changing environment of market-oriented economy, CL ROCK is committed to become a company with competitive salary and good welfare. 
The salary, bonuses and other benefits of each position will be determined by internal and external assessment in equity model. 
The company uses team group work mode, and implement performance management by team.

4. Diversity
Our employees come from different cultural backgrounds, different working backgrounds and different areas, but we will not be able to create obstacles because of differences in culture, education, functions, geography, and even work style. We encourage cross-department communication and different project team communication. We use this diversity to increase creativity, better solve problems, increase productivity, reduce interpersonal conflicts, and enhance teamwork to improve performance. 

5. Work and life:
Human management, to provide staff: work meals, paid leave, health examination, staff activities.

6. Company culture:
Quality is the company's life, care and respect employees, teamwork, continuous improvement

7. Career development:
Provide support and assistance for career development.